Plans announced!

Our plan for 2020 has gone through many stages of development; there are so many issues to raise and achievements of mental health nurses to celebrate, we have spent many hours filtering through ideas that would have an impact.

But we always come back to one single issue, that mental health nurses are humans working under great pressure and stress.

Services, and those who work in them, have never faced such stresses. Every nurse we speak to tells of missed breaks, unpaid overtime and staffing shortages.

So this year, we focus on the human. We are calling on every employer to ensure that, on 21st February 2020, every nurse in their team gets their full break and finishes work on time. This year, we are calling on nurses in every setting to demand and expect their full break entitlement, and to finish when their paid shift ends.

We will be celebrating those employers, Trusts and services that achieve this on 21st February. We’ll be championing #mentalhealth nurses on social media all day, using #MHNursesDay.

Join in, share this message today and, most important of all, take care of yourself.

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